Coverage Part A: Professional Services

Professional & Technology Errors & Omissions Liability

Each claim limit $5,000,000

Aggregate limit $5,000,000

Coverage Part B: Media Liability

Media Liability each claim limit $5,000,000

Intellectual Property Injury each claim limit $5,000,000

Aggregate limit $5,000,000

Coverage Part C: Network Security & Privacy Liability

Network Security & Privacy Liability each claim limit $5,000,000

Regulatory Claims each claim limit & aggregate $1,000,000

Payment Card Industry Fines & Penalties each claim & Aggregate $1,000,000

Payment Card Industry Assessments each claim & Aggregate $1,000,000

Aggregate limit $5,000,000

Coverage Part D: Privacy Breach Expense

Privacy Breach Expense each cyber event $5,000,000

Cyber Extortion Threat Expense each cyber event & aggregate $1,000,000

Data Asset Restoration each cyber event & aggregate $5,000,000

Aggregate limit $5,000,000

Coverage Part E: Crime

Employee theft $1,000,000

Third party property $1,000,000

Forgery: $1,000,000 each for checks, payment cards, counterfeit

Inside & Outside Loss: $1,000,000 each for inside premises and outside transit

Tech Fraud: $1,000,000 each for computer, funds transfer

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